Biodiversity pacerns of species number at local to

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Unformatted text preview: Birds & Angiosperms = Jurassic (206 ­144 mya) •  Diversifica@on mammals, birds & angiosperms in Cretaceous Period (144 ­65 mya) •  MASS EXTINCTION – Cretaceous ­Ter@ary (K ­T) 11 4/9/13 Cenozoic Life •  Start of Cenozoic Era (Ter@ary Period) ~65 MYA •  Age of Mammals  ­ Aeer K ­T impact, radia@on of mammals, snakes, angiosperms, pollina@ng insects and teleosts into modern orders in Ter@ary Period (65 ­1.8 MYA) •  Paleocene – –  Insec@vores and rodents common –  Some grazers, but not huge ones (yet) –  Many “primi@ve”, lack specializa@ons – i.e., they are generalists. Purgatorius, possible ancestor to primates Important Cenozoic Era Events •  Ter@ary Period ~5 ­7 MYA –  Divergence hominid / chimpanzee / gorilla lineages •  Quaternary Period ~1.8 MYA –  First Homo fossils in Quaternary Period (1.8 MYA – Present) ...
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