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Unformatted text preview:  appear very suddenly; Within about 30 MY, as licle as 5 to 10 MY •  Wray et al (1996) – Molecular clock, 1000 Mya? •  •  •  •  First appearance marine classes •  Frequencies of first appearances of classes of marine animal fossils. (From Erwin, [email protected] and Sepkoski 1987) •  V=Vendian; Cm=Cambrian; O=Ordovician; S=Silurian; D=Devonian; C=Carboniferous; P=Permian; Tr=Triassic; J=Jurassic; K=Cretaceous; [email protected] 8 4/9/13 Burgess Shale Fauna 505 mya 140 species of animals in 119 genera represented Charles Walcott Burgess Shale Fauna •  Pikaia (Early Chordate) •  Fundamental Body Plan – notochord and muscle bands •  Why did it survive? 9 4/9/13 Paleozoic Life – Ordovician to Devonian •  Animal phyla greatly diversified in Ordovician •  First Shells = Cambrian Period (543 ­500 MYA) •  First Fish in Ordovician (about 488 ­444 Mya) •  First Land...
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