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E 1883 krakatoa erupon killed all life but within 50

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Unformatted text preview:   Pleistocene Epoch – [email protected] in temperatures •  Quaternary Period ~17,000 YA –  Last ice age at maximum advance •  Quaternary Period ~12,000 YA –  Development of Agriculture •  Quaternary Period ~ 4,000 YA –  Modern History! 12 4/9/13 History of Life •  Lots of changes in taxa •  Lots of [email protected]@ons –  Good or bad? •  How do we relate current [email protected] of organisms with fossil evidence and [email protected] (especially molecular) BIOGEOGRAPHY BIOGEOGRAPHY Explain why species and higher taxa are distributed as they are, and why the diversity and taxonomic [email protected] of the biota vary from one region to another. Biodiversity pacerns of species number at local to global scale [email protected] of various disciplines •  Geology •  Paleontology •  [email protected] •  Ecology 13 4/9/13 CHARLES R. DARWIN 1.  “Neither the simil...
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