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Indicang persistence also carbonate deposits predicted

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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] in [email protected] divergences –  In fact, later studies based on many more genes and many more lineages have reduced the discrepancy –  [email protected] animal age at ~700 mya •  Animals existed but were @ny or soe and lee no fossils –  Snowball Earth Snowball Earth •  Models 1960’s: Lowering of greenhouse gases  ­> cooling  ­> glacial ice and snow reflect heat ­ ­> [email protected] feedback for temperature drop •  Albedo = [email protected] of incoming [email protected] reflected back, increases with more ice •  Self ­reversing: Escape from the snowball through CO2 effect (J Kirschvink 1992) •  Evidence: synchronous glacial deposits globally, at or near equator, through reversals of [email protected] fields ([email protected] persistence) –  Also carbonate deposits predicted in the greenhouse sequel to the Snowball Earth have been found at many sites, capping the glacial deposits –  Many other [email protected] now being tested and extended –  Snowball Earth view is increasingly accepted •  [email protected] for Life on Earth? •  One of the hypothesized Snowball stages was about 550 Mya, beginning of Cambrian 6 4/9/13 Science 2004 Vernanimalcula - “Small spring animal” (after the ‘winter’ of Snowball Earth) ~ 180 microns long = 580-600 Mya Implies Bilateria arose well before Cam...
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