70 by this route variable absorption depending on

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Unformatted text preview: – over 70% by this route Variable absorption depending on many factors Most convenient and economical More safe Requires patient compliance Bioavailability is erratic and incomplete (amount of drug that reaches the circulation unchanged) More routes of administration More Inhalation – antiashmatic drugs – anesthetics Topical – direct application to problem area – creams – eye drops - ointments Sublingual – only one drug – nitro-glycerine Intrathaecal – in between vertebra for the CSF – cancer treatments that won’t cross the blood brain barrier What dictates the route of administration Nature of the drug – eg - peptides cannot be given orally Urgent need for effect – eg - IV for rapid effect Type of effect needed – topical vs systemic effects – where do you want the drug delivered to The patient condition – eg – diarr & vomiting prevents using oral drugs Drug groups Drugs can be classified into groups For each group we study the prototype d...
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