Infused allows titration of doses suitable for

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Unformatted text preview: nfused. infused. Allows titration of doses Suitable for protein & peptide drugs Increased risk of adverse effects – Once you give by IV there is not really a chance to correct it Must inject solutions slowly Not suitable for oily or poorly soluble substances Not convienent for the patient/client – must be done by professional Subcutaneous – under the skin Prompt absorption from aqueous solutions Slow and sustained absorption from repository preparations Suitable for some poorly soluble suspensions and for slow release implants Not suitable for large volumes Possible pain or necrosis from irritating substances Intramuscular Prompt absorption from aqueous solution Slow and sustained absorption from repository preparations – I treatment of goiter Suitable for moderate volumes, oily vehicles, and some irritating substances Appropriate for self administration Precluded during anticoagulant therapy May interfere with interpretation of some diagnostic tests (creatine kinase) Oral...
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