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A identify and label all newly synthesized strands by

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Unformatted text preview: ed H4. You start with a fragment of DNA that is 1.9 kb long. How many total H4 substrates are likely to be present on your final product? Explain how you came up with your answer. Q 3 Answer the following questions concerning DNA replication: A. The PCNA clamp has a donut-shaped structure with a center hole large enough to encircle a DNA double helix and a layer of water molecules. This protein can also interact with DNA polymerase. These two features combined serve to increase processivity of polδ. How might these two features contribute to increasing the processivity of polδ? B. DNA replication of chromosomal DNA is semi-conservative. What is the meaning of this term? Q 4. Draw all the nucleic acids of a bidirectional replication fork. A. Identify and label all newly synthesized strands by name. B. Show DNA segments using straight lines and the location of R...
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