A list six enzymatic activities acting at or near the

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Unformatted text preview: ing. B. (5 points) What can you conclude about the effect of SWI/SNF on DNA topology? SWI/SNF introduces negative supercoils in DNA C. Why is there only one band in lane 8 and multiple bands in lane 7 (note, the top band in lane 7 is present because not all of substrate was acted on?) In lane 8, TopoI has relaxed the supercoils generated by SWI/SNF. No cruciform forms and EndoVII is unable to cleave the DNA. Therefore only a band corresponding to the linear substrate is present. In lane 7 the presence of SWI/SNF results in negative supercoiling and formation of the cruciform which is cleaved by endo VII. Since the template was previously linearized with AvaI two fragments are generated after endo VII cleavage: the 1370 bp fragment and...
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