Cruciform structure can be detected by

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Unformatted text preview: found near the nuclear periphery. Heterochromatin is characterized by compact nucleosome spacing that and silenced gene expression. These properties are associated with deacetylated histones. D. You are interested to know if your protein can deacetylate histones in vitro. You create a chromatin substrate using a 1:2 molar ratio of DNA to purified histones, including acetylated H4. You start with a fragment of DNA that is 1.9 kb long. How many total H4 substrates are likely to be present on your final product? Explain how you came up with your answer. Since the DNA required to bind one nucleosome is ~ 200 bp, it is likely that there will be 9 nucleosomes formed. Since every nucleosome has two H4 subunits there would be a total of 18 substrates that could be deacetylated....
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