D atp is required for the observed swisnf activity

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Unformatted text preview: cids of a bidirectional replication fork. F. Identify and label all newly synthesized strands by name. G. Show DNA segments using straight lines and the location of RNA using zig- zag lines. H. Indicate all relevant 5’ and 3’ ends I. Indicate direction of fork movement using arrows. J. Mark the region where the origin of replication would be note: the okazaki fragment does not include the RNA primer as shown, it is made only of DNA Q 5. Draw a diagram illustrating the addition of a dNTP to an RNA primer during DNA synthesis. You do not have to draw the structure of the bases or of the template DNA. Be sure to include the following: D. The last rNMP of the primer and the incoming dNTP. E. The chemistry of the reaction indicating the relevant...
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