For the second method you could use chromatin

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Unformatted text preview: ed DNA binding protein D. DNA primase (SSB or RPA) E. DNA topoisomerase K. Sliding clamp F. Lagging strand L. Clamp loader G. Leading strand __B___ Enzyme that joins two adjacent DNA strands together __A___ Enzyme that opens the DNA helix by separating the single strands __K___ A protein complex that encircles the DNA double helix and binds to DNA polymerase, keeping it firmly bound to the DNA while it is moving __H___ Y- shaped region of a replication DNA molecule at which the two daughter strands are formed __E___ Enzyme that binds to DNA and reversibly breaks a phosphodiester bond in one or both strands, allowing the DNA to rotate at that point. __G___ One of the two newly made strands of DNA found at a replication fork. It is made by continuous...
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