MCB121 W14 practice problem set 1.2

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Unformatted text preview: 3) a protein primer 4) no primer Q 11 Shown below is a 32P- labeled substrate for measuring ATP- dependent helicase activity using gel electrophoresis. The top strand was labeled by incorporation of a radiolabeled nucleotide using DNA polymerase. 5’ ** * * *3’ 3’____________|||||||||||||||||||||5’ A. Which of the radiolabeled nucleotides shown below would you have selected to create the labeled strand and why? 1. ATP, [α-32P] 2. ATP, [β-32P] 3. ATP, [γ-32P] 4. dATP, [α-32P] 5. dATP, [β-32P] 6. dATP, [γ-32P] B. DNA polymerase delta synthesizes DNA is what direction: 1. 3’ to 5’ 2. 5’ to 3’ 3. Either KEY MCB121 practice problem set 1.2 Q 1 Match the following term with the definition listed below: A. DNA helicase H. Replication fork B. DNA ligase I. RNA primer C. DNA polymerase J. Single- strand...
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