On the diagram above mark the likely site of all

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Unformatted text preview: the 2740 bp fragment. D. ATP is required for the observed SWI/SNF activity (compare lane 6 with lane 7 and lane 11 with lane 12). What hypothesis can you come up with that describes the role of ATP in this reaction? One hypothesis is that the hydrolysis of ATP by SWI/SNF is required to induce negative supercoils. Another hypothesis might be that hydrolysis of ATP is not required for making negative supercoils but that it is required for another step of the reaction (e.g. release of the enzyme) E. Design an experiment to test this hypothesis. State the controls you would use and how you would interpret your results. Either hypothesis could be addressed by using a nonhydrolyable analog of ATP such as AMPPNP. The reactions described in lanes 5- 7 using AMPPNP or ATP as a control. If hydrolysis is important for forming neg...
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