Over time this problem would lead to the loss of dna

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Unformatted text preview: Why did the DNA in lane 2 migrate faster in the gel than the DNA in lane 9? B. (5 points) What can you conclude about the effect of SWI/SNF on DNA topology? C. Why is there only one band in lane 8 and multiple bands in lane 7 (note, the top band in lane 7 is present because not all of substrate was acted on?) D. ATP is required for the observed SWI/SNF activity (compare lane 6 with lane 7 and lane 11 with lane 12). What hypothesis can you come up with that describes the role of ATP in this reaction? E. Design an experiment to test this hypothesis. State the controls you would use and how you would interpret your results. Q 7 In 1953, a paper was published describing a model for DNA as a double helix written by Jim Watson and Francis Crick, based on X-ray data obtained by Roslin Franklin. Watson and Crick noted that the str...
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