Single stranded dna binding protein d dna primase ssb

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Unformatted text preview: the relative timing of firing for each origin (e.g. “early” or “late”). What aspect of the data leads you to this conclusion? C. How could you do this experiment using labeled nucleotides that can be recognized using specific antibodies (e.g. IdU, iodouridine or Cldu, chlorouridine). Q 10 Telomerase is an RNP that adds many repeats of a specific DNA sequence to the 3’ ends of linear chromosomes. The RNA component of telomerase provides the template for this addition. A. Name the enzyme activity that makes up the protein component of telomerase and catalyzes the addition of these repeated sequences. B. This enzyme uses which of the following to initate the addition of the repeated sequences (circle one): 1) an RNA primer 2) a DNA primer...
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