Supercoiled dna is more compact than a relaxed circle

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Unformatted text preview: Q 3 Answer the following questions concerning DNA replication: C. The PCNA clamp has a donut-shaped structure with a center hole large enough to encircle a DNA double helix and a layer of water molecules. This protein can also interact with DNA polymerase. These two features combined serve to increase processivity of polδ. How might these two features contribute to increasing the processivity of polδ? When polδ disengages from the template, the interaction with the clamp prevents it from diffusing away. The clamp does not diffuse away since it encircles the DNA. The number of base pairs formed by a single polymerase is increased dramatically D. DNA replication of chromosomal DNA is semi-conservative. What is the meaning of this term? Each parental strand is used as a template to synthesize new DNA. The resulting DNA products each contain one parental strand and one newly synthesized strand. Q 4. Draw all the nucleic a...
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