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The rna component of telomerase provides the template

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Unformatted text preview: ative supercoils then one would expect a linear 3811 bp fragment in the present of AMPPNP. If the results with AMPPNP resemble the reaction with ATP then this would be consistent with the second hypothesis stated above. Another approach might be to mutagenize the ATP binding domain of SWI/SNF to create mutant that is able to bind but not hydrolyze ATP, purify this mutant and see how it behaves in the assay. Q 7 In 1953, a paper was published describing a model for DNA as a double helix written by Jim Watson and Francis Crick, based on X-ray data obtained by Roslin Franklin. Watson and Crick noted that the structure of DNA suggested a mechanism for its replication, yet this mechanism would present “problem” for replicating linear chromosomes: Following replication the two daughter chromatids would theoretically be shorter at one end, with the opposite ends being shorter for the two chromatids. Over time this problem would lead to the loss of DNA from the ends of chromosomes F. What aspect of the DNA structure suggested a model f...
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