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Yes heterochromatin is also found near the nuclear

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Unformatted text preview: synthesis in the 5’– to - 3’ direction. __I___ Short length of RNA synthesized on the lagging strand during DNA replication and subsequently removed. __F___ One of the two newly made strands of DNA found at the replication fork. It is made in discontinuous segments that are later joined covalently. __J___ Non enzymatic protein that prevents annealing of unwound DNA strands at the replication fork. Q 2 A. You have purified a chromosome- associated protein in extracts prepared from cells in interphase. You are interested to know if this protein binds to one or more sequences or locations in the genome. Briefly outline the steps you would take to answer this question. You could use one of two methods. For both methods you will need to raise an antibody that binds sp...
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