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POLITICAL THEORY 106 NOTES FOR JOHN STUART MILL J.S. Mill Two Theories of Government 1. Practical Art: choose goals you want then design government to meet that 2. Natural History: the government arises from people’s nature Study what people are like then design government Mill Believes some of both Can choose based on goals, but… People must be suited for the government No one government is suited for all people at all times Ideally Best Form of Government: For best suited for advanced people Two Criteria: 1. promotion of the good management of public affairs (given the current state of the people) 2. improvement in people active, intellectual and moral faculties (A.I.M.) Mill rejects Enlightened Despotism one smart, moral person in total control despot=total control because people will not develop AIM the despot will do everything for the people thus not improving the people Ideally Best Form: Popular Sovereignty: the ruling power is vested in the entire community Voice: every citizen has to have some say in exercising sovereignty Participation in some public functions: not just voting; juries, local offices, commissions, boards ect. How does the Ideally Best Form of Government meet Mill’s two Criteria? Criteria 1: Good Public Management
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