Carryingoflargercurrents equal anisotropicdiffusion

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Unformatted text preview: Produces deep, doped hours during fabrication regions (10 μm wide, 100 μm deep grooves) for: • Isotropic process limits – Larger space‐charge structure geometry regions for increased because lateral and breakdown voltages vertical diffusion rates are – Carrying of larger currents equal • Anisotropic diffusion allows deep, high aspect ratio, closely spaced regions – Anisotropically etch grooves in (110) n‐type silicon wafer and refill epitaxially with p‐doped silicon Field Controlled Thyristor metal oxide • Expitaxial groove‐filling used to make Thyristor (left figures) ‐ ‐ p⁺‐n‐n⁺ structure Turn off by reversing bias between grid and cathode • Similar geometry can be achieved with aluminum thermomigration (figure below) ‐ Offers another degree of freedom to power device designer V‐groove Multijunction Solar Cell Fabrication Process: Advantages: • Only requires 1 masking step • High voltage allowed (~70 V/cm of cells) • Long effective ligh...
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