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Unformatted text preview: t‐absorption length with multiple internal reflections • No light‐blocking metal current collection grid on illuminated surface • Good environmental protection and mounting support provided by glass substrate • Silicon solar cells offer dramatic improvements over single‐ crystal designs Paper 9 section V: X‐ray and Electro‐Beam Lithography masks By Chun Sing yip X‐Ray Mask • Doping the Boron on the surface of silicon. • Depositing a gold layer on the top and Define the x‐ray pattern by etching the gold with standard photolithographic or electron‐ beam techniques . Why Gold? • Etched away most of the silicon substrate from the back side of the wafer with EDP. (The thickness of the membrane is typically 1‐5 micrometers.) Electron‐Beam Lithography Mask • Depositing a Nitride on the surface of silicon • Pattern the Silicon Nitride(Si3N4) and use it as proximity printing. • Nitride has lower backscattering and it will not broaden the feature Circuits on Membrane Juyoung Yoo Silicon Membranes • SCS (Single Crystal Silicon) membranes exhibit various advantages that make them widely used for circuits •...
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