Mechanical material kurt e petersen m e119 f all 2013

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Unformatted text preview: tched holes are bonded together and their cavities are filled with mercury Mini‐socket plugs are inserted to make a circuit board GAS CHROMATOGRAPH ON A WAFER SILICON AS A MECHANICAL MATERIAL KURT E. PETERSEN M E119. F all 2013. Joanna Wu G AS CHROMATOGRAPH 3. Fabricated on a 2” silicon wafer with 3 main components: 2. Capillary column Gas control valve Detector element 1. 4. 1. Sample input 1. Purge input 6. 5. 2. Valve region 3. Exhaust of unused sample 4. Sensor region 5. Separation column H OW IT WORKS C APILLARY COLUMN A spiral groove is isotropically etched on the wafer surface 200um wide, 40um deep, and 1.5m long. The wafer is anodically bonded to a glass plate to seal the grooves. G AS CONTROL VALVE The gas valve is etched into the Si in 3 steps: 1. A hole is isotropically etched to form the valve cylinder. 2. An isotropic etch enlarges the valve cylinder and creates a valve seating ring. 3. Holes are anisotropically etched through the wafer such that the orifice is positioned in the center of t...
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