magic short syllabus 1 14A

Absences resulting from legal obligations eg jury

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Unformatted text preview: bsences: 1. Absences resulting from religious holidays 2. Absences resulting from legal obligations, e.g., jury duty 3. Documented family or medical emergencies Participation in class activities—including collaborative activities and peer reviews—comprises 10% of the final grade. This in-class work cannot be made up. All assigned written work, including peer reviews, must be submitted on time. Extensions may be offered with instructor discretion and in extraordinary circumstances. This extension policy does not, however, apply to the mid-term or final portfolios, which must be submitted by the program-wide deadlines. A student's failure to provide an accurate statement of their reason for absence will be regarded as a violation of academic integrity and reported to the Office of Student Conduct. Regardless of the reason for absence, students are responsible for learning what happened in class before their return; usually, this is best effected by contacting a colleague in the class to find out what was missed. Students who anticipate missing one or more classes should contact the instructor ahead of time, just as they should make arrangements...
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