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Derek collins magic in the ancient greek world wiley

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Unformatted text preview: the ISBN given below. • • Derek Collins, Magic in the Ancient Greek World. Wiley-Blackwell, 2008. 1405132396. Daniel Ogden, Magic, Witchcraft and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds: A Sourcebook. Oxford University Press, 2009. 0195385209 There is also a required grammar and style book – be sure to get this from the Penn Book Center, 34th and Sansom, as you will need the access code that comes with it: • Aaron, Jane E. The Little, Brown Essential Handbook. New York: Longman, 2009. Anticipated assignments (subject to change) Outline of the research text Outline of at least four scholarly articles Abstract of at least one scholarly article At least 6 propositions Skeletal outline, exercise, rhetorical outline and peer review of 6 exercises/essays Statement of research interest Skeletal outline, exercise, rhetorical outline and peer review of 2 syntheses At least 2 drafts of justificatory paper and outline At least 2 drafts of explanatory paper and outline Peer reviews of a classmate's justificatory and explanatory essays Scholarly article presentation 2 cover letters Custom proofreading sheet Midterm and Final portfolios Note on Assignment Submissions Most assignments are due by 11:59PM on dates listed on the schedule; anything submitted afte...
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