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Please bring two hard copies of assignments or your

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Unformatted text preview: r the deadline will be given a 0. Please bring two hard copies of assignments or your laptop to class in order to facilitate your peers’ and professor’s reviews. All assignments must be submitted to the Canvas site, where individual assignment links are provided. Grading Policy Final grades are based on: • Participation; • Timely submission of all assignments; • Quality of assignment submissions; • Quality of work based on portfolio assessment. Note that grades are not negotiable, and will not be discussed over email. Final grade changes are made only in the event of a mathematical error. Grading breakdown Coursework (including Midterm Portfolio): 45% Final Portfolio: 45% Participation: 10% Failure in any category of the final portfolio assessment means a failure on the portfolio and retake of the writing seminar. Wrong, empty, corrupt, or missing midterm and final portfolios will drop one full grade per 24 hour period from due date and time. Please note that technology issues are not a valid excuse for late or missing assignments; students are encouraged to avail themselves of the many computer labs a...
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