magic short syllabus 1 14A

The participation grade is based on active presence

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Unformatted text preview: round campus in the event of personal computer problems. The participation grade is based on active presence in class; unexcused absences, serial late arrival, inappropriate use of laptops, and any use of phones during class will count against this. Course Policies Attendance is mandatory. Attendance includes being present in the class when the session begins, and refraining from using laptops for non-class-related purposes. The use of cell phones is not permitted in class at any time. Students who miss a class must make a reasonable effort to contact their instructor in advance. No later than their return to class, students must report the absence and the reason it occurred using the Course Absence Report system (CAR) in Penn InTouch. Be sure to submit documentation materials to your advisor in the event of an excused absence other than a religious holiday. With few exceptions, no distinction is made between excused and unexcused absences. The following are regarded as excused a...
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