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Unformatted text preview: useful resources, such as industry- specific magazines, trade journals, and industry reports. –  Simply browsing through several issues of a trade journal or an industry report on a topic can spark new ideas. Library and Internet Research Large public and university libraries typically have access to search engines and industry reports that would cost thousands of dollars to access on your own. Examples of Useful Search Engines and Industry Reports •  BizMiner •  ProQuest •  IBISWorld •  Mintel •  LexisNexis Academic 5 9/9/13 Library and Internet Research •  Internet Research –  Star<ng from scratch? •  Type “new business ideas” into a search engine à༎links to newspapers and magazine ar<cles about the “hocest” new business ideas. –  Have a specific topic in mind? •  Set up Google or Yahoo! e- mail alerts. Get constant stream of newspaper ar<cles, blog posts, and news releases about the topic. –  Have clearer ideas? •  Targeted searches Other Techniques •  Customer Advisory Boards –  Some companies set up customer advisory boards that meet regularly to discuss needs, wants, and problems that may lead to new ide...
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