In one study entrepreneurs exhibited higher ethical

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Unformatted text preview:   Crea?ve •  Self- confident •  Decisive •  Self- starter •  Energe?c •  Tenacious •  Has a strong work ethic •  Tolerant of ambiguity •  Lengthy a[en?on span •  Visionary 3 8/28/13 Common Myths About Entrepreneurs Background of Entrepreneurs •  Myth 1: Entrepreneurs are ‘born’, not made •  Myth 2: Entrepreneurs Are Gamblers •  Myth 3: Entrepreneurs Are Mo?vated Primarily by Money •  Myth 4: Entrepreneurs Should Be Young and Energe?c •  Myth 5: Entrepreneurs love the spotlight •  Educa?on •  Personal Values •  Age •  Background/Work •  Childhood/Family/Role Models - - Kauffman Founda?on Background: Educa?on 22 Background: Personal Values •  Research indicates that educa?on is important in the making of an entrepreneur. Why? –  Role it plays in helping entrepreneurs cope with the problems they confront •  Entrepreneurial ways differ significantly from the ways of the bureaucra?c organiza?on –How? –  Adaptability –  Opportunism –  Risk taking –  Individuality •  e.g., Marke?ng, finance, strategy •  Domain exper?se •  Knowledge of the entrepreneurial process –  Ability to communicate clearly is important –  Role it plays in crea?ng or nurturing a passion •  However, Educa?on correlates more with helping find good opportuni?es and does not necessarily determine whether an entrepreneur will create a new business or not •  Ethics- - Who has stronger Ethics? Managers or Entrepreneurs, Why? 23 Ethics- Managers Versus Entrepreneurs •  Force of C...
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