Small business economics angel investors and ventures

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Unformatted text preview: of new business ventures that went public (had an IPO)(2006) 292 Number of high- tech IPOs (2005) Why Become an Entrepreneur? 50 The three primary reasons that people become entrepreneurs and start their own firms Desire to be their own boss Desire to pursue their own ideas Financial rewards Most sta?s?cs about entrepreneurs and new ventures: Reynolds, Paul D. 2007. Screening item effects in es?ma?ng the prevalence of nascent entrepreneurs. Small Business Economics Angel investors and ventures receiving angel funding: University of New Hampshire, Whi[memore School of Business and Economics, h[tp:// cvr- news. Venture- capital deals: Na?onal Venture Capital Associa?on, h[p:// High- tech IPOs: EDN: Electronic, Design, Strategy News, h[p:// Entrepreneurship Can Also Be Thought of As An Approach to Life •  •  •  •  Entrepreneurship As An Approach to Life Attitude -  There is a better way -  Opportunities are everywhere A way of thinking A way of ac?ng A way of approaching problem solving A way of approaching a variety of professional or personal situa?ons Behavior -  Pursuing opportunity -  Innovating -  Perseverance -  Risk management 6 Personally Professionally -Starting companies and embracing entrepreneurial concepts in all that you do -  In your family -  In your community - In personal relationships -  In personal finances 7 1 8/28/13 Example of Catalysts Entrepreneurial Decision Drive to create, innovate, commercialize Opportunis?c mindset Desire to build something Desire to be independent, c...
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