Cs common traits and characteriscs of successful

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Unformatted text preview: avior of the lead entrepreneur and his or her core team •  So, what traits do entrepreneurs display? •  The Four Essen?als: n༆  n༆  n༆  n༆  P____ P____ P____ A____ n༆  Passion n༆  Perseverance n༆  Persuasiveness n༆  Ac?on 14 Characteris?cs of Successful Entrepreneurs Four Primary Characteris?cs Characteris?cs of Successful Entrepreneurs •  Passion –  The number one characteris?c shared by successful entrepreneurs is a passion for the business. –  Stems from the entrepreneur’s belief that the business will posi?vely influence people’s lives. •  Product/Customer Focus –  Stems from the fact that most entrepreneurs are, at heart, cranspeople. •  Tenacity Despite Failure –  Ability to persevere through setbacks and failures –  Because trying something new, the failure rate is naturally high •  Ac?on - Execu?on Intelligence –  The ability to fashion a solid business idea into a viable business Entrepreneurial Leadership - - Entrepreneur Magazine •  It’s all about perseverance •  Understand the value of mentorship and teamwork •  Stick to your niche •  Stay on top of news that affects your clients •  Communication is key •  Capitalization is crucial •  Communicate unwavering honesty and integrity •  Stay on top of the curve •  Take ownership in your clients’ success •  Never stop marketing More Characteris?cs Common traits and characteris?cs of successful entrepreneurs •  A moderate risk taker •  Op?mis?c disposi?on •  A networker •  Persuasive •  Achievement mo?vated •  Promoter •  Alert to opportuni?es •  Resource assembler/leverager ...
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