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Unformatted text preview: ve in a suppor?ve capacity as mentors during and aner launch of a new venture –  Entrepreneurs need to establish connec?ons and networks early –  Strength of the network is dependent upon the frequency, level, and reciprocity of the rela?onship Moral- Support Network •  Individuals who give psychological support to an entrepreneur. What are some examples? –  Friends can provide: •  Advice •  Encouragement •  Understanding •  Assistance –  Spouses and rela?ves can be strong sources of moral support, par?cularly if they are also entrepreneurs 29 30 The Power of Networking Professional- Support Network Connec?ons •  Entrepreneurs need advice and counsel throughout the establishment of the new venture which can be obtained from: –  Mentors –  Business associates –  Trade associa?ons –  Personal affilia?ons • You have something in common with everyone you meet! • You are only 6 people away from anyone you’d ever want to meet. • Use the connec?ons from one networking experience as the fuel for another. Connect your networks for a real power boost! •  Networks of interpersonal rela?onships are integral to entrepreneurial ac?vity Cons?tuents 31 Conversa?ons • There is “data” everywhere! Use it to add value to the network and to begin rela?onships. • You must dialog with people to breath life into the network. Simply knowing someone is not good enough. Content • Be perceived as adding value to the network to get into, or remain in, the network, to the extent possible. • Ask someone to be your Mentor or Coach. • You are the CEO of you,...
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