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Unformatted text preview: and you must create your own “virtual board of directors”. Adapted From a Presenta?on by Kathryn Collins, Director of Organiza?onal Effec?veness, JCPenney, 2010 5 8/28/13 Types of Start- Up Firms Corporate Entrepreneurship •  Corporate Entrepreneurship –  Is the conceptualiza?on of entrepreneurship at the firm level. –  All firms fall along a conceptual con?nuum that ranges from highly conserva?ve to highly entrepreneurial. –  The posi?on of a firm on this con?nuum is referred to as its entrepreneurial intensity. Corporate Entrepreneurship •  Increase in corporate entrepreneurship reflects an increase in social, cultural, and business pressures •  Hyper compe??on has forced companies to have an increased interest in certain areas: –  New product development –  Diversifica?on –  Increased produc?vity –  Decreasing costs by methods such as reducing the company’s labor force Problems and Successful Efforts •  A study found that new ventures started within a corpora?on performed worse than those started independently by entrepreneurs •  Reasons cited: –  Corpora?on’s difficulty in maintaining a long- term commitment –  A lack of freedom to make autonomous decisions –  A constrained environment Corporate Entrepreneurship •  Resistance against flexibility, growth, and diversifica?on can, in part, be overcome by developing a spirit of entrepreneurship within the exis?ng organiza?on –  A method of s?mula?ng, and capitalizing on, individuals in an organiza?on who think that something can be done differently and be[er •  Example: IBM Climate for Corporate Entrepreneurship •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Organiza?on operates on fron?ers of technology New ideas encouraged Trial and error encouraged Failures allowed No opportunity parameters Resources available and accessible Mul?discipline teamwork approach Long ?me horizon Volunteer program Appropriate reward system Sponsors and champions available Support of top management 6 8/28/13 Leadership Characteris?cs of Corporate Entrepreneurs •  Understands the environment –  Reflected in individual’s level of crea?vity •  •  •  •  •  •  Visionary and...
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