8 9413 third approach finding gaps in the marketplace

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Unformatted text preview: he Result of Technological Advances •  Computer industry •  Internet •  Biotechnology •  Digital photography 6 9/4/13 Trend 3: Technological Advances (con8nued) Example: H20Audio Once a technology is created, products oken emerge to advance it. An example is H20Audio, a company started by four former San Diego State University students, that makes waterproof housings for the Apple iPhone and iPod. Convergence of Technological Changes • Telemedicine • Pa8ent monitoring Semiconductor and Wireless Technologies • Electronic healthcare records IT Technologies Medical Technologies 14 7 9/4/13 Trend 4: Poli8cal Ac8on and Regulatory Changes •  Poli8cal ac8on and regulatory changes also provide the basis for opportuni8es. •  Company created to help other companies comply w...
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