If so how costly are they c 2012 joseph c picken 8

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Unformatted text preview: The Six Utility Levers Purchase Delivery Use Supplements Maintenance Disposal Customer Productivity Simplicity Convenience Risk Reduction •  Does the product require training or expert assistance? •  Is the product easy to store when not in use? •  How effective are the product’s features and functions? •  Does the product create waste items? •  How easy is it to dispose of the product? Fun and Image •  How long does it take you to find the product you need? •  IsEnvironmental the place of purchase attractive andriendliness F accessible? •  How secure is the transaction environment? •  How rapidly can you make a purchase? 9/30/13 •  Do you need other products and services to make this product work? •  If so, how costly are they? (c) 2012 Joseph C. Picken 8 •  Increase customer productivity by helping them do their thing – do more, do it faster, do it better, do it at lower cost, or or in different ways The Buyer Utility Map The Six Stages of the Buyer Experience Cycle The Six Utility Levers Customer Productivity •  Make it simpler and easier for the consumer to perform the desired functions Purchase Delivery Use Supplement...
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