Key processes processes rules metrics norms c 2012

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Unformatted text preview: §༊  To design the CVP, you must first develop a comprehensive understanding of your target customer’s job- to- be done Profit Formula §༊ of the CVP odel §༊  The overall value  Revenue mderives §༊ Cost structure from three key m etrics: §༊ Margin model §༊  How important the job- to- be done §༊ Resource velocity is to customers §༊  How [email protected]fied customers are with [email protected] [email protected] §༊  How well the new offering gets the job done, [email protected] to the other [email protected] Key Processes §༊ Processes §༊ Rules & metrics §༊ Norms (c) 2012 Joseph C. Picken 3 9/30/13 •  How long does it take to get the product delivered? •  How long does it take to unpack and install the product? •  Does the product require external maintenance? •  How easy is it to upgrade and maintain the product? The Buyer Utility Map The Six Stages of the Buyer Experience Cycle...
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