Picken customer value proposi3on the customer value

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Unformatted text preview:  Technology, products §༊ Equipment [email protected] §༊ Channels, §༊ Partnerships, alliances §༊ Brand Key Processes §༊ Processes §༊ Rules & metrics §༊ Norms (c) 2012 Joseph C. Picken Customer Value Proposi3on The Customer Value Proposition An offering that helps customers more effec3vely, reliably, conveniently or affordably solve an important problem (or sa3sfy a job- to- be- done) Customer Value Proposition §༊ Target Customer §༊ Job to be done – important need or problem to be solved for the target customer §༊ Offering – a solu3on that solves the problem or sa3sfies the need Key Resources A powerful, focused customer value proposi3on is the keystone of all successful business models §༊ People §༊ Technology, products §༊ Equipment [email protected] §༊ Channels, §༊ Partnerships, alliances §༊ Brand...
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