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102 Exam 2 practice F13 (from F12)

Hint the h2o2 molecule has the following atomic

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Unformatted text preview: gle bonds and 1 double bond d. The oxygen atom contains 2 lone pairs of electrons 26)Place the following atoms in order of increasing electronegativity. a. F < Cl < Cs b. Cs < Cl < F c. Cl < Cs < F d. F < Cs < C 27)The Cl- B- Cl bond angle in the BCl3 molecule is: a. 180° b. 120° c. 109.5° d. 90° 28)Which of the following molecules WILL have a dipole moment: a. CO2 b. SeO3 c. XeF4 d. SF4 29)According to VSEPR theory, which of the following statements about the molecular shape of water is correct: a. The molecular geometry is tetrahedral with a bond angle of 109.5° b. The molecular geometry is bent with a bond angle of 107° c. The molecular geometry is bent, with a bond angle of 104.5° d. The molecular geometry is linear with a bond angle of 180° 30)The electron geometry and molecular shape the of BrO2- anion are: a. trigonal planar and trigonal planar b. tetrahedral and bent c. trigonal pyramidal and linear d. trigonal pyramidal and seesaw 31)What is the approximate O- C- O bond angle in the CO32- anion? a. 90 ° b. 109.5 ° c. 120 ° d. 180 ° CHEM 102 Fall 2013 Exam 2 Practice 5 Hunter College of the City University of New York Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry 32)Which of the following statements about the CO32- anion is FALSE? a. The sigma orbitals on the carbon atom are sp2 hybridized b. 4 resonance structure s can be drawn for this ion c. The C- O bond lengths are all the same d. The ion has a total of 24 valence electrons 33)According to the theory of hybridization, a typical triple bond consists of __________. a. three sigma bonds b. three pi bonds c. one sigma bond and two pi bonds d. two sigma bonds and one pi bond 34)Consider the following c...
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