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102 Exam 2 practice F13 (from F12)

Which of the following statements about this lewis

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Unformatted text preview: =5 to n=2 d. n=5 to n=1 19)Increasing the wavelength of visible light a. shifts its color towards the red end of the spectrum b. increases its brightness c. shifts its color towards the blue end of the spectrum d. decreases its brightness 20)The maximum number of electrons that can occupy an energy level or shell (where n = principle quantum number) is _____. a. 2n b. n+1 c. n- 1 d. 2n2 21)Which of the following combinations of quantum numbers are NOT allowed for a single electron in an atom? a. n = 3, l = 2, m = 1, ms = +½. b. n = 2, l = 0, m = 0, ms = +½. c. n = 3, l = - 3, m = - 2, ms = - ½. d. n = 7, l = 2, m = - 2, ms = - ½. 22)Determine the wavelength of light that is emitted when the electron in a H atom falls from the n=6 energy level to the n=2 energy level? a. 93 nm b. 290 nm c. 412 nm d. 454 nm 23)Place the following molecules in order from shortest to longest nitrogen- nitrogen bond length. a. N2, N2F2, N2F4 b. N2, N2F4, N2F2 c. N2F4, N2, N2F2 d. N2F2, N2, N2F4 24)Rank the following ions in order from largest to smallest: a. I- , Te2- , Cs+, Ba2+ b. I- , Cs+, Te2- , Ba2+ c. Te2- , I- , Cs+, Ba2+ d. Te2- , I- , Ba2+, Cs+ CHEM 102 Fall 2013 Exam 2 Practice 4 Hunter College of the City University of New York Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry 25)Consider the Lewis structure for F2CO (carbon is the central atom in this structure). Which of the following statements about this Lewis structure is incorrect? a. The central atom contains no lone pairs of electrons b. The structure contains 2 double bonds and 1 single bond c. The structure contains 2 sin...
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