Course Syllabus 104 S14

This grade of zero cannot be used as your lowest exam

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Unformatted text preview: more than the maximum of 50 points in workshop. Exams: There will be three equally weighted in- class exams (100 points each for a total of 300 points) given during the course of the semester. There will also be a Comprehensive Final Exam (200 points) given during finals week. This final exam will be a standardized test written by the American Chemical Society. We will spend the semester preparing for this exam. You do NOT need to purchase external study materials to help you prepare. If you final exam grade is higher than your lowest in- class exam grade your final grade will count for 300 points and your lowest in- class exam grade will be dropped. For your exams you will be required to bring a pencil and a calculator to class. All other materials (e.g. periodic table and/or other necessary Information such as a formula sheet) will be provided for you. Exams must be taken during the designated class perio...
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