2 moles of mg how many moles of o2 are required to

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Unformatted text preview: ning ra9o of reactants to products The ra9o of H2 to O2 to H2O is 2 : 1 : 2! These ra9os will always be constant for this reac9on! How many molecules of H2 are required to react completely with 18 molecules of O2 ? 36 molecules of H2 How many molecules of H2O will be produced from the complete reac9on of 9.11 x 1011 molecules of O2? 18.2 x 1011 molecules of H O 2 The Mole 2(H2)(g) + 1(O2)(g) ! 2(H2O) (l) We can apply this same concept to grouped units. How many dozen O2 molecules a re required to react with 68 x 108 dozen molecules of H2? 34 x 108 dozen O2 molecules The dozen is just a grouping of units (1 DOZEN = 12 units) The unit does NOT change the ra9o The unit we use is completely arbitrary! In Chemistry: We call this unit the MOLE (mol) The Mole In Chemistry: We call this unit the MOLE (mol) Remember that atoms and molecules are very very small Macroscopically: Very many molecules react simultaneously In the lab ! at east 1016 molecules It’s not prac9cal to speak/ think in these huge numbers ! We use a grouping unit! The Mole is a unit that represents a very very big number Every reac9on has a fixed mole ra9o that can be used for STOICHIOMETRY calcula9ons The Mole Ra<o 2H2 + 1O2 ! 2H2O For the balanced chemical equa9on the ra9o indicates the number of MOLES of the reactants and the products. 2 moles of H2 molecules react with 1 mole of O2 molecules to produce 2 moles of H2O molecules...
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