Dysphagia notes

Pneumonia can specifically aspiration pharyngeal

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Unformatted text preview: aspiration Pharyngeal Phase: Protective mechanisms Protective 1. vocal folds adduct(close, adding together) 2. reflexive cough2. During this phase, are you breathing?-no Dysphagia Evaluation: Bedside Swallow Evaluation Bedside Oral examination –testing all the critical nerves, tounge , Oral etc.. etc.. Feeding trials What happens when patients are given different amounts What & textures of foods?-(water, pudding, crackers if they textures choke-thicken liquids(like a powder put into juice)-makes move slower so muscles can catch it Dysphagia Evaluation: Instrumental Examinations Instrumental Fiberoptic endoscopic Fiberoptic examination of swallowing (FEES) swallowing Videofluoroscopy Videofluoroscopy Modified B.S.- mix barium with food and show up on x-ray(moving x-ray of swallow) swallow) Quick Review - Stages of swallow? Protective mechanisms? What can go wrong during a swallow? Who can have dysphagia?...
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