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Unformatted text preview: month – 1-2 word ?s (“Where kitty?”) – Receptive Receptive – – Follows simple commands – Understands simple questions (“Where’s your “Where’s shoe”) shoe”) Fast forward to 4 – 5 years Fast Expressive – Telling on-topic stories – Communicate easily with people – – Use sentences that give detail (“I “I like to read my books) like Receptive – Pay attention to short story & Pay answer ?s answer – When does it all end?! When Through adolescence: Vocabulary expands, figurative language, reading, Vocabulary writing, cause and effect, abstract reasoning writing, When does language learning end? It doesn’t! Life-long process of learning and refining Pragmatics Language Disorder Language Definition – Involves all, some, or one of language domains Involves Disorder v. difference 1° v. 2°...
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