Relyonfusionreactionsfromisotopesof hydrogen

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Unformatted text preview: b Hydrogen Bomb Also known as a thermonuclear weapon Output from Fusion Reactions Rely on fusion reactions from isotopes of hydrogen How it works How it works Cylinder with a core rod of plutonium­239 surrounded by lithium­deuterate fuel and a uranium­238 tamper Fission Bomb goes off, compress fission fuel Produces high heat, x­rays, neutrons Compresses fuel rod and ignites fission in rod, neutrons from the fission of the rod combine with the lithium­ deuterate to produce tritium and deuterium Heat +pressure + hydrogen ions = Fusion Reaction = Helium, high heat, X­rays and neutrons Fireball Fusion Reaction Fusion Reaction Nuclear reaction where 2 atomic nucleus collide and release enormous energy Gammas rays heat fuel to thermonuclear temps Fireball Themonuclear Bomb Themonuclear Bomb Possible to add more stages Energy output = 10,000,000 tons TNT Positives Positives Power and control over other nations Nuclear weapons for space travel and d...
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