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Unformatted text preview: y assured destruction Changed how we view warfare Can we live without it? Can we live without it? Yes, no good can come from Nuclear weapons Unfortunately, no country would ever get rid of their nuclear arsenal for fear of another nation keeping theirs. Views on Science Views on Science Learned about how much power nuclear reactions contain A lot of scientist do their work around nuclear reactions More knowledge on Atoms, i.e. atoms being split Benefits and Costs Benefits and Costs Depends, having nuclear weapons = having power However, average cost of maintain a nuclear arsenal is $40 billion, which is roughly the same cost as universal access to basic education, healthcare, adequate food, clean water and safe sewers for the world’s population Therefore, No the benefits do not outweigh the costs The Environment ? The Environment ? Experts “nuclear weapons are the greatest environmental danger to the planet from humans, not global warming or ozone depletion” Tens of millions of people would die, global temperatures would crash and most of the world would be unable to grow crops for more than five years after a conflict The Environment ? The Environment ? Ozone layer, depleted by 40% over many inhabited areas and up to 70% at the poles Does it need to be improved ? Does it need to be improved ? Obviously not, Nuclear weapons are already significantly more powerful then we need them to be...
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