Day 16 Machiavelli notes from Jay

Below climbing from rank to rank by undergoing

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Unformatted text preview: rtu is dependent on fortuna 28: but other examples suggest that one might rise almost exclusively on virtu, never almost exclusively on fortuna “If you consider Agathocles’ bold achievements… you will not find much that can be attributed to luck; for as I have said, he did not come to power because he had help from above, but because he worked his way up from below, climbing from rank to rank by undergoing infinite dangers and discomforts…” but, he implies that gaining ecclesiastical states can be accomplished through either virtu or fortuna (35- 36) **28- 29: virtu is only using power if the goal is to minimize suffering and cruelty [at least suffering and cruely on a long- term basis] 30- 31: cruelty is necessary; the key is that cruelty can be well- used or abused +well- used cruelty are those that are “committed at a stroke” [rather than in an ongoing fashion: “Do all the harm you...
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