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Day 16 Machiavelli notes from Jay

Does a reputation for generosity for example get

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Unformatted text preview: must at once and the same time, that way the full extent of it will not be noticed, and it will give least offence.” +those who use cruelty indefinitely cannot expect to keep power 33: in a time of crisis [fortuna?], “it is too late for the ruler… to seize dictatorial authority…” 35: virtu and “deterrence,” as talked about at the start of the first full paragraph [“A ruler, therefore…”] 49: some virtuous behavior can lead to your downfall “…if you think about it, you will realize there are some ways of behaving that are supposed to be virtuous… but would lead to your downfall, and others that are supposed to be wicked, but will lead to your welfare and peace of mind.” [does a reputation for generosity, for example, get leaders to end up “wasting all his resources”?] [ah, but back to the perception topic we have seen a few times in prior readings: M. says it is better to “be thought of as generous” (p. 50) than to actually be generous. 55: to continue, a ruler needs to “appear” a certain way “So a ruler need not have all the posit...
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