Day 21 Hobbes notes from Jay

The sovereign enforces the laws of nature and all

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Unformatted text preview: nature from the traditional laws of nature is that Hobbe’s precepts are, at the start, independent of the will of God.” 35 (section 7): relative nature of important societal concepts regarding the terms, “good” and “evil,” the definitions are relative to the person who uses the terms - - no absolutes; similarly, “justice” is also a common agreement, with no absolutes social contract: xx: [humans seek a “compact” to achieve peace] “…in which each gives up the right of nature (to do whatever he or she wants at any given moment) to a sovereign power in a civil society. The sovereign enforces the laws of nature, and all that follows from that.” p. 87: every man seeks peace, but one doesn’t “lay down liberty” unless all do. sec 4 “And consequently it is a precept, or general rule of reason, that every man, ought to endeavour peace, as far as he has hope of obtaining it; and when he cannot obtain it, that he may seek, and use, all helps, and advantage of war… p. 88 (ch 14, sec 8) nature of a contract “Whensover a man transferreth his right, or renounceth it; it is either in consideration of some right reciprocally transferred to himself; or for some other good he hopeth for thereby. p. 89 (ch 14, sec 11) definitions of pact/covenant “…then the contract on his part, is called PACT, or COVENANT…his performance is called keeping of promise, or faith; and the failing of performance (if it be voluntary) violation of faith. p. 92 (ch 14, sec 22) but no one makes covenants with animals or God (think of the “Brutes” of Artistole) p. 92 (ch 14, sec 27) covenants are entered into by fear** p. 100 (ch 15, 15) people enter into a social contract so they can have access to an “arbitrator” leadership/power: 58 (chapter x, sec 1): power=ability to obtain some future app...
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