You will be graded pretty strongly on style one

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Unformatted text preview: provide unit tests for all functions that don't do input or output. You will be graded pretty strongly on style. One important style rule is that any function that does input or output should not also do significant computation. For example, output strings have to be formatted in a certain way, as described above; this formatting should be done in a separate function (or functions) that ret urn a string, not out put the string. Due date Before 6am Friday Fe bruary 15 . Zip together your k i . yand k i _ e t p files (no need to wcp wcts.y submit the s o _ o d . x file) to Canvas. No other form of submission will be accepted. There should tpwrstt be one submission per team, with both your names prominently displayed in comments at the top of each Python file. matuszek/cit590- 2013/Assig nments/05- kwic.html 2/2...
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