CIT590 From Python to Java

Declaration and creation look like aha hsmpkyye vleye

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Unformatted text preview: bject syntax. There are no literals. Declaration and creation look like: aha HsMpkyye vleye vral =nwHsStkyye vleye(; aha<eTp, auTp> aibe e ahe<eTp, auTp>) Some methods: t p p t k y v l e (returns previous value), t p g t k y , b o e n c n a n K y k y . ye u(e, au) ye e(e) ola otise(e) Operators The following operators are basically the same in Python and Java: .+-*/<< = ! > >+ - * / &|^~< > ==== ==== <> When applied to objects, the Java = and ! operators act like Python's i and i n toperators, which is usually not what is wanted = = s so (especially for Strings). Equality testing should be done with the o j . q a s o j )method. b1eul(b2 The %(mod) operator behaves the same for positive integers, but differently for negative integers. Python's i i s a c ( b e t C a s function is the equivalent of Java's o j c i s a c o C a soperator. sntneojc, ls) bet ntnef ls The Java equivalents of Python's a d o , and n tare & , | , and ! respectively. There are no equivalents for i and n t i . n, r o &| , n on Java has + , to increment by one, and - , to decrement by one. These can be either prefix or postfix, and should be used only as + statements, not as part of an expression. Java also has the expression c n i i n ? v l e f r e : v l e f a s to choose odto auITu auIFle between two values. Statem ents Statements end with a semicolon. Rather than trying to give precise syntactical definitions of the various statements, I'll just provide examples. Python Java a=b+c a=b+c ; pit' =,x rn x ' Sse.u.rnl(x="+x; ytmotpitn" ) pitx rn , Sse.u.rn() ytmotpitx; Sanrsanr=nwSanrSse.n;/ dn oc cne cne e cne(ytmi) / oe ne nm =rwipt'ne yu nm:' Sse.u.rn(Etryu nm:"; ae a_nu(Etr or ae ) ytmotpit"ne or ae ) nm =sanrnxLn(; ae cne.etie) ae=ipt'ne yu ae ' g nu(Etr or g: ) Sanrsanr=nwSanrSse.n;/ dn oc cne cne e cne(ytmi) / oe ne Sse.u.rn(Etryu ae "; ytmotpit"ne or g: ) nm =sanrnxIt) ae cne.etn(; wiex<10: hl 00 x=2*x wie( <10){ hl x 00 x=2*x ; } matuszek/cit590- 2013/Pag es/python- to- java.html 3/6 3/13/13 CIT590 Fr om Python to Java...
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