CIT590 From Python to Java

A python list with square brackets s u e t or l t e s

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Unformatted text preview: on list, with square brackets: s u e t [ ]or l t e s i [ ] tdns0 etrj. Declaring an array does not creat e one. The declaration tells how many dimensions the array has, but never its size: for example, c a [ hr] [ l t e s To create one, use the word n w then its type and size; n w c a [ ] 5 . etr. e, e hr5 Python has list literals: [ , 2 3 4 . Java has two different syntaxes for array literals: 1 ,,] In a declaration (only): i t ] n m e s = { , 2 3 4 ; n[ ubr 1 ,,} Other places: n w i t ] { , 2 3 4 e n[ 1 , , } Java has no equivalent to Python's l s [ : ]notation. itij Python list → Java Ar r ayList An A r y i tacts more like a Python list, but uses only object syntax. There are no literals. raLs AryitSrn>lnugs=nwAryitSrn>) raLs<tig agae e raLs<tig(; lnugsad"yhn) / apn t ls agae.d(Pto"; / ped o it Srn odagae=lnugsgt0; tig lLnug agae.e() lnugsst0 "aa) agae.e(, Jv"; Some additional methods: b o e n i E p y ) b o e n c n a n ( b e t , i t s z ( , t p r m v ( n e ) ola smt(, ola otisojc) n ie) ye eoeidx. Python tuples → No Java equivalent Python set → Java HashSet matuszek/cit590- 2013/Pag es/python- to- java.html 2/6 3/13/13 CIT590 Fr om Python to Java A H s S tis like a Python set, but uses only object syntax. There are no literals. Declaration and creation look like: ahe HsSttp>vral =nwHsSttp>) ahe<ye aibe e ahe<ye(; Some methods: b o e n a d o j c ) b o e n r m v ( b e t , b o e n i E p y ) ola d(bet, ola eoeojc) ola smt(, b o e n c n a n ( b e t , b o e n a d l ( o l c i n (union), b o e n r t i A l c l e t o ) ola otisojc) ola dAlcleto) ola eanl(olcin (intersection), b o e n r m v A l c l e t o ) (set difference), b o e n c n a n A l c l e t o )(subset). ola eoel(olcin ola otisl(olcin A H s S tis one kind of collection. Operations that may change the set return t u if the set was changed, f l eotherwise. ahe re as Python dictionar y → Java HashM ap A H s M pis like a Python dictionary, but uses only o...
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